Providing you with confidence in the management of your NDIS plan

Our qualified accountants will manage and process your invoices to the highest standards working for you, your providers, and your team of supports to help you make the most of your NDIS funds. Plan Manage Assist assures you that your plan will be professionally and effectively managed by experts to ensure you get a great outcome.

Our directors are highly qualified professionals that have extensive financial and business management expertise and experience. One of our directors (John Corrigan FCPA) is highly regarded in the accounting profession through his specialised financial management consultancy firm. Plan Manage Assist is backed and supported by a team of highly skilled Plan Managers and accountants that are committed to achieving the best outcome for you.

We are committed to providing you with the most professional plan management service with care and compassion.

Providing a safe and secure platform

An integral part of the Plan Management software is the reduction of opportunities for fraud or duplicated invoices. We comply with the most stringent security requirements set by the NDIA.

Plan Manage Assist is certified as complying with NDIS Practice Standards

Q Audit - Quality Assured

Providing the highest standard of financial services available for all participants & carers

Confidence and Peace of Mind…

Registered providers are individuals or organisations that are registered with the NDIA to deliver a support or a product to a participant in the NDIS

Plan Manage Assist are registered with the NDIA and have experience in engaging with NDIS participants to understand their goals, preferences and objectives.

Registered NDIS Provider