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A Guide to Service Agreements2019-07-19T00:52:38+11:00

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What can you use core funding for? I haven’t used it yet and I don’t want respite2019-07-19T00:53:07+11:00

Core funding (or core budget) is allocated in your plan for everyday living activities and working towards your longer-term goals.  It is made up of different categories of support such as:

  • Consumables (e.g. purchasing everyday use items such as continence aids)
  • Daily Activities (e.g. support with self-care activities during the day or evening)
  • Assistance with Social and Community Participation (e.g. supports to enable you to engage in social or recreational activities)

As your day-to-day living activities and long-term goals are very specific to you, your core budget is the most flexible part of your funding.  What you use your core budget for can look different for everyone. However it is important to remember that this part of your budget is centred on everyday living activities and long-term goals, so how you decide to use this funding must align with your goals.

What are the differences between being plan-managed and self-managed?2019-07-19T00:53:35+11:00

When we talk about managing a plan, we mean the way you manage the financial transactions involved with accessing supports as part of your plan. There are four ways to manage plan budgets:

Self-managed budgets- Self-managing your plan means the NDIS will pay you directly for the supports you claim under your plan’s budgets. Being self-managed allows you to choose any provider, whether they are registered with the NDIS or not.

Agency-managed budgets – When the NDIA manages your plan, the NDIS will directly pay your support providers for you.  You have to choose registered NDIS providers if the NDIA manages your plan.

Plan Management – If it’s the best option for you, you may have funding for a Plan Management service provider included in your plan.  In this situation, the NDIS will pay your Plan Manager, who will directly pay for all supports you have asked them to manage.

Combination of the above three options can be used together.  No matter which option you choose, you remain in control of which support providers you ultimately choose and engage.

For further information about managing supports in your plan, including making service bookings and using the Myplace Participant Portal, visit the participants’ section of our website.

How does the NDIS figure out how much funding you get in your plan?2019-07-19T00:54:04+11:00

NDIS plans are tailored to each person’s individual needs so funding will vary, depending on the person’s support needs.

When you meet with an NDIS representative, to develop your plan, you will be asked about your current situation and what supports you receive, and how you manage everyday activities, like taking a shower or cooking your meals.  This information helps to form the basis of your plan, working out your supports; how they are reasonable and necessary; how they link to your immediate needs, and how the NDIS can help you to work towards achieving your goals.

Once you complete the planning process you will receive an individualised funding amount, which you have choice and control over the support you receive.

Visit the “My first plan” page on the NDIS website for more information.

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Registered providers are individuals or organisations that are registered with the NDIA to deliver a support or a product to a participant in the NDIS

Plan Manage Assist are registered with the NDIA and have experience in engaging with NDIS participants to understand their goals, preferences and objectives.