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MyPma participant portal allows you to view your expenditure and see how you are tracking to your NDIS budget, whether it being on your laptop, iPad or phone

Plan Managed Assist | Dashboard - Login Page

How to login and view your budget, invoices and manage one or multiple NDIS Plans

You need to login to view your spending and the budget

Login MyPma | Plan Manage Assist
  • Login details will be sent to the nominated participant, carer, support coordinator
  • If you forget your password – Click on Login MyPma 
  • Enter the email address you provided
  • Click on the link at the login screen called “Forgot Password?” you will be sent a pass code
  • re enter the email address followed by the pass code

What can I view on MyPma Dashboard

MyPma Dashboard - Plan Manage Assist
  • NDIS Budget Summary
  • Invoices
  • Plans

View your budget right down to finest detail

Finest Details | Plan Manage Assist
  • View a detailed Budget vs Actual screen
  • As soon as an invoice has been paid your budget will be updated
  • Scroll down to view budget and spend in all categories
  • All expenditure to date is in real time so reflects NDIS Proda

View invoices & invoices paid

View invoices & invoices paid - Plan Manage Assist
  • You will see a list of all your invoices as well as any reimbursements
  • You can search by provider, invoice number, amount or status of the invoice
  • You will see a timeline showing how long each step took to complete payment