MyPma Portal Instructions

Plan Managed Assist | Dashboard - Login Page
  • we are working within the NDIS in real time – this eliminates errors and delays
  • faster processing and payment of suppliers 3-4 business days
  • alerts re when your budget is low
  • alerts when your plan is ending
  • If you would like to approve an invoice, we have this available

Step 1-Login

Dashboard - Login Page| Plan Manage Assist
  • You will receive an email from Plan Manage Assist with the subject title “Welcome to MyPMA”. If you do not see it in your Inbox check in your Spam folder
  • The email will provide a login link. Click the button to log into the system for the first time. Future logins can be made by going to:

Resetting your Password

  • Click on
  • Click on the link at the login screen called “Forgot Password?”
  • Enter their email address to reset the password for (provided in the original onboarding email)

Click on the “Send Confirmation” button

  • You should receive a 6 digit code on your mobile phone or your email address (we need these details on file for you to receive)
  • Enter the 6 digit code and enter new password twice in the fields provided
  • You will receive confirmation on the screen that your password has been correctly reset
  • You can now log in using the email address and new password

Navigating the Dashboard

On the Dashboard you will be able to click on the following:

  • NDIS Budget- Summary
  • Invoices
  • Participants

On the Left hand side, you will be able to click on the same with the following:

  • Dashboard
  • Summary Report (NDIS budget summary)
  • Invoices –List Invoices
  • Participants
  • Plans –view previous plans

Selecting your Name

Click on Participant at the top

  • A box will appear (see 2nd graphic on right)
  • Your name will appear
  • Click on the green box and SELECT
  • Your name will now appear at the top

Now you can choose what you would like to view

  • The name, DOB and Plan details are shown in the top black bar above the tiles

Category & Summary

Click on the NDIS Budget tile on the left side bar or on the Dashboard tile

  • This will open a detailed Budget vs Actual screen.
  • Scroll down to see all your categories.
  • You can also Export as a PDF, as well as it will show you when last updated, plan duration days left

The Summary button on the top right will open a detailed summary in graphical form

  • Flick between Budget vs Actual or Summary
  • All expenditure to date is in real time so reflects NDIS Proda

Viewing Invoices & Status

Plan Managed Assist | Dashboard - Login Page

Click on invoices on the left sidebar or the Invoices tile on the Dashboard

  • You will see a list of all your invoices as well as any participant reimbursements
  • You can search by provider, invoice number, amount or status of the invoice
  • Click on the invoice ID and this will take you to the screen on the right

The 2nd screenshot will show you category details

  • On the right you will see a timeline showing how long each step took to complete
  • Click on Documents on the right and an invoice number will appear below
  • Click on the invoice number and a copy of the invoice will appear