Children who are currently NDIS participants turning 7 after the 1 July 2023, will remain with their early childhood partner until they turn 9, if they require support up to this age. Children who are currently NDIS participants, who are turning 7 before the 1 July 2023, will transition to a local area coordination partner, as is the current process.

Children younger than 9 with a permanent disability, who are new to the NDIS from 1 July 2023, will be supported by an early childhood partner. Including children younger than 9 under the early childhood approach is a deliverable under the recommendations in the ECEI Reset. We last talked about the change in the age range for children supported by the NDIS early childhood approach in the ECEI Reset update in July 2022. This change aligns with the World Health Organisations definition of young children, which is zero to 8 years of age. Click to read more