A LAC is an NDIS partner in the community who helps you to understand and access the NDIS. When your NDIS plan is approved, you will work with a LAC to put it into action. This is called.
plan implementation and helps you connect with and maintain the supports in your NDIS plan as well as helping you to achieve your goals. A LAC is involved in the planning, building, implementation, and review of your NDIS Plan.
LAC’s support people with disability to create and work towards their goals, build capacity to make their own decisions and choices, and access the supports they need to live the life they

Local area coordinator can help you to:
• Find practical information relevant to you – including information about disability, your rights, and online supports and services.
• Your LAC will talk to you about your current situation, supports, and goals to help develop your plan. Local area coordinators cannot approve a plan, this is done by the NDIA.
• Your LAC can assist you to understand and use the supports in your NDIS plan to help you achieve your goals. The LAC may be your NDIS contact person to discuss any questions you
have about your plan.
• Your LAC can check in with you during your plan, to see how you are going and if the plan is working well for you. They can help you make changes to your plan with a plan reassessment.
or plan variation.

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