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At Plan Manage Assist we walk in your shoes as we have family members with disabilities and we care about you. For more information on how we will manage your plan please call us

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Get the support you deserve…

PMA pride ourselves as being different from other providers in that we have first-hand experience and knowledge about the NDIS process as we are carers for family members that have disabilities. We walk in your shoes and understand the frustrations you can go through.

We are passionate, with in-depth experience from both sides and we deliver a personal and quality driven plan management service with the financial expertise.

Opting to choose Plan Manage Assist is giving you the confidence that you have the support you need to assist you in your journey with the NDIS.

Why choose Plan Mange Assist?

  • we are the first Plan Manager with an integrated Platform MyPma which pioneers the use of API integration with the NDIS system a first in Plan Management
  • we provide a personal service, you can speak to someone that not only knows the NDIS but understand and cares
  • we don’t just process invoices we proactively assist in managing all aspects of a participant’s budget
  • we provide a national Translating Interpreting Service (TIS National) for participants and their carers that need assistance to understand their plans
  • we are the NDIS experts , we not only manage your funds but we can help you find providers in your area to support you
  • you will have the choice and control of your supports and it’s free to you, we just help you manage it along the way

What are the benefits for me?

  • you can decide on what support providers you want to choose, this gives you the choice and control even if your service providers are not registered with the NDIS
  • we manage and monitor your invoices, you can drill down and view what has been paid and when at all times
  • we look after all the admin associated with your plan and makes sure your providers are paid on time 
  • we work with you and engage with your support providers to ensure you get the best out of your plan and understand how to utilise your budget
  • PMA’s new login portal can reserve funds for your service providers , it’s easy to keep track of all your agreements in place
  • we save you time and reduce your  stress as well as ensure we keep a file on all your Service Agreements etc

What will you do to support me ?

  • PMA will allocate a dedicated plan manager that will guide you along the way with managing your budget and provide the care and advice you need to utilise your budget effectively
  • provide you with alerts if you are overspending in each category and guide you along the way
  • pay your provider invoices on time and ensure they are aware of NDIS pricing updates
  • send  you monthly expenditure reports and keep a detailed audit trail of all your service providers, NDIS plans etc should it ever be required
  • provide an easy login for you to view real time expenditure in each category, NDIS Plans, invoices paid  on any of your electronic devices
  • our main goal is to assist you in your journey and alleviate the stress of paying your invoices 

MyPma – the key to managing your NDIS budget

What sets us apart from other plan managers?

  • PMA are at the forefront of technology so more time to focus on our participants and carers

  • faster processing and payment of supports

  • extensive reporting and alerts for participants/carers/support coordinators

  • park and view your Service Bookings/Agreements

  • we can provide visibility of your budget in real time as our systems are directly linked to the NDIS

The key benefits to you are?

  • PMA spend less time on admin and more personalised time with you and your cares and support coordinators

  • eliminates errors and delays a 1st in Plan Management

  • alerts re when your budget is low or your plan is ending

  • PMA send monthly budget alerts

  • MyPMA will show you if an invoice has been submitted/paid

  • support coordinators can view all their participants with 1 login and receive alerts

PMA Awarded “The Most Outstanding Financial Intermediary in the Disability Sector” in Australasia in 2019

Confidence & Peace of Mind…

Registered providers are individuals or organisations that are registered with the NDIA to deliver a support or a product to a participant in the NDIS

Plan Manage Assist are registered with the NDIA and have experience in engaging with NDIS participants to understand their goals, preferences and objectives.

“Thankyou Plan Manage Assist your team are so involved” Josie 2020

“We are grateful to everyone at Plan Manage assist (PMA) for supporting us with all enquires related invoices and payments for NDIS. Specially, Kathleen and her partner are very helpful and always respond to our enquires swiftly. We really like their work ethics and approach when dealing with our matter. Thank you for all your support PMA” Maryanne

“Thankyou I love you guys I can always speak to someone and not just get a recorded message” David C

“You are the most responsive plan manager I have ever worked with, keep it up” Kate. Support Coordinator