PLAN –  you can now plan and take control of your budget

Your NDIS budget is approved and now it is time to plan and take control of your budget and plan for the future. Planning will help you organise your resources and activities efficiently and effectively to achieve your goals so that you have the peace of mind to do the things in life that you have not had time to.

By choosing Plan Manage Assist you will now be supported by highly qualified and experienced financial support team.

How do I select a Plan Manager?

  • you need to request ‘Plan Management’ in your initial planning meeting with your Local Area Coordinator or NDIA representative.

  • this cost will be allocated to your  NDIS under the category (Improved Life Choices). This does not cost you or impede your NDIS Plan.

  • if your plan is about to be reviewed, you can always change to ‘Plan Managed’ in order to obtain the flexibility you need in choosing your own supports without the stress of paying your invoices

What are the benefits of being Plan Managed for me?

  • you decide on what support providers you want and when you have your services provided and delivered to you

  • we take the worry out of paying and managing your invoices

  • an easy process where we take care of all your invoices,pay your providers on time and alleviate the stress for you  

  • less stress and more time for you to focus on the important things in life

What will you do to support me along the way?

  • pay your provider invoices on time

  • provide an easy login for you to view real time expenditure in each category

  • provide you with alerts if you are underspending or overspending in each category 

  • provide a dedicated support team to guide you along the way with the care and advice you need to utuilise your budget effectively

  • provide you with updates on NDIS price changes & updates

Learn more about how Plan Manage Assist operates and can assist you by contacting our support team 0431 141 505

Confidence & Peace of Mind

Registered providers are individuals or organisations that are registered with the NDIA to deliver a support or a product to a participant in the NDIS

Plan Manage Assist are registered with the NDIA and have experience in engaging with NDIS participants to understand their goals, preferences and objectives.

Registered NDIS Provider

“As a family carer looking after my brother this has made our life so much easier & with the benefits of choosing our supports”