The NDIA, as co-lead of the Fraud Fusion Taskforce, is boosting its systems. It enables it to better identify and assess early plan reviews submitted by plan managers and support coordinators.
“We know that most providers consistently do the right thing – but we need everyone on board, working together, to make sure funding is being used responsibly and is being used to improve outcomes for participants,” Minister Shorten said.
“The NDIA is working across government to ensure providers do the right thing. That includes the Agency sending payment data to other agencies, including the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), to ensure that dodgy providers are detected.
“We are continuing to work alongside the disability community to strengthen the integrity of the Scheme and make it stronger, so it endures for generations to come.”

Understanding the NDIS Plans

Under the NDIS, participants (or nominees) are provided with a budget to purchase approved supports in line with their plans. A participant’s NDIS plan is built to ensure they have appropriate levels of funding and support for the duration of their plan.

Spending a budget before the end of a set plan timeframe is not a reason to request a plan review.

The top three drivers of intra plan inflation:

Hours and rates of supports being used exceeding what the participant is funded for.
Overspending core budgets outside of intended purpose.
Claiming supports incorrectly.
Some examples of supports that participants have claimed incorrectly:

  • Mobile phones
  • Bond for cleaning fees
  • Theme park passes
  • Treadmills
  • TV antennas
  • Bird Seed
    Also, anyone with concerns about the practices of an NDIS provider (including plan managers, health professionals or support coordinators) can report suspicious behaviour by filling in the NDIA Fraud Reporting Form | NDIS or by making a complaint to the NDIS Commission via their website.

However, Protecting the NDIS is all of our priority. If you are unsure always contact the NDIS or ask one of our Plan Managers at Plan Manage Assist to assist you 1300 199 960.